Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Flawless Tan Step Tanning Set

I always swing by the tanning isle wherever I am - I never need tan but I just end up there. This time in Superdrug it was the best place to be. I saw this set called 'Professional Finish Flawless Tan' and it was so ridiculously cheap I had to get it. I also noticed the tan 'Step 3' also included a glove and mitt - two things that often retail for about £3.99 each. This whole set cost me:

Superdrug: Exfoliator 99p Skin Serum £1.49 Tan £1.99 

Gobsmackingly cheap I know - I didn't expect much in all honesty I expected to be an orange mess. When actually what I got was one of the best tanning experiences I have ever had. Sounding over dramatic aren't it. so I'll break it up.

Exfoliator  - This isn't blow you away amazing but it does the job - it smells good and is really thick. It doesn't rival my favourite soap and glory options but its good to have as a reserve definitely.

Serum - I've never used a serum before tanning and after this one I still don't see the point particularly. I found it was actually really good at evening out tan on my hands or feet if it didn't blend in just as I wanted.

Tan - I love this tan. It sprays out like a spritzer which is such a good idea. You can spray it onto the mitt and rub in evenly. I love this idea why do more tans not dispense like this. It explains it needs to develop (it doesn't actually say for how long) but I just left it overnight. I was left with probably the most natural tan I have ever achieved from a bottle. It's not as dark as St Moriz at all but it is golden and noticeable enough to be worth the effort.

I can't find this online but I recommend that you buy it when you see it. It's a perfect every day tan and for the price you really could never complain. I'm going to go as far as saying this is my favourite fake tan I have EVER tried and I just wish I bought more of it. I'm going to be stocking up next time I see it. I love the step part of it - it's ideal for first time tanners for me though I will just be getting step three the tan in future as I have my favourite moisturisers and exfoliators.

Best tan I've ever used literally costs just £1.99.



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  1. Oh, wow! I'm seriously hoping that my local Superdrug stocks this! I love a good tan, but hardly ever use it because I hate it when tan looks too fake...

    One question, with the sprits bottle can you see the tan, or is it clear? Just asking because I prefer it when it's coloured just so I can see where I'm putting it.

    Great review, thanks for the heads up on this product. :) xx