Monday, 3 September 2012

The time you shouldn't go to Specsavers

Glasses Direct Mai Tai RRP £65 (£40 with discount code at that time)

At 17 years old in a Leicester university lecture theatre I said 'Dad this is ridiculous why do they make lecture halls so big when the people at the back won't be able to see anything.' He looked a little shocked said he could see everything I tried on his glasses and realised that maybe it isn't just a normal thing for things to go blurry after a certain point. Silly I know but I thought everyone was squinting at the back of the class to see the board as that's just how eyesight was. So I went to Specsavers and I've been going ever since. My eye sight has got progressively worse over the last 6 years and whereas at 17 glasses would help I didn't need them. Now I need them I can't drive very well without them and life is generally pretty blurry. I eventually want my eyes lasered as waking up and being able to see everything sounds pretty amazing. However my optician has said as my eye sight is still getting worse I need to wait for them to settle down.

I've been wearing contacts for about 3 years which I love but sometimes if I'm hungover or tired I need my glasses - and sometimes when my eyes aren't looking so good glasses are the key to hiding them. I've always bought my glasses from Specsavers and I pay for my contact lens' monthly from Specsavers too. I love Specsavers if I'm honest when my contacts didn't turn up in the post they immediately rectified the problem so I wasn't left without. Their customer service is brilliant and they always make sure I never forget an eye test. By paying direct debit for contacts I get an annual eye test for free and also a pair of glasses every two years either free or heavily discounted.

The problem I have with Specsavers is their glasses range doesn't excite me at all. I like my glasses big, chunky and with thick frames. The Gok Wan range is the closest to ones I'd buy but as much as I have time for Gok Wan I'm not sure I want his name or initials written on the side of my face. And even with my heavy discounts I can do better online.

The time you shouldn't go to specsavers is when you want to buy glasses - get your prescription from them and then hit the web for some beautiful glasses. My favourites are glasses direct and glasses 123. Sign up for their newsletters - there is always an offer going on I guarantee it!

These are some I'm loving at the moment and when I get my prescription updated next month I will finally be getting some prescription Ray-Bans :)

1. Glasses 123 Ray-Ban RX5267 £76
2. Glasses Direct Mai Tai Tortoise Shell £65
3. Glasses 123 Ray-Ban RX5280 £85
4. Glasses 123 Ray-Ban RB5228 £75
5. Glasses Direct Frankie £25



  1. lovve your specs baby girl you look fabulous!
    wish i had glasses to rock this look :)


  2. I have to wear glasses every day (simular to #4)and think they add some extra character to my face:) I adore your glasses doll xx


  3. you'll never believe it missy! but i only went and had an eye test the other day and have been prescribed with glasses! i know it may sound silly but im so excited! tried on all the thick black rim looking jobbys in boots/specsavers & remembered you did this post! have signed up to both websites so thank you xxxx

    1. Missus I am super excited to see which specs you end up with! x