Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Happy Birthday Glossybox - May 2012

Arriving home to wonderful Glossybox shaped package somewhat got rid of my post-holiday blues. By being away I'd managed to miss any spoilers - which I love doing as it means the whole box is a complete surprise. I think for me regardless of the content sometimes Glossybox is so good as the little ribbons and packaging that it makes receiving any box special - this was no exception being their one year anniversary box - Happy Birthday Glossybox. So this month's box was a good mix for me it had a little bit of everything. 

Noble Isle - Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel
I've never heard of this brand before but I always like little shower gel's - it smells gorgeous and will be a welcome addition to my bathroom. I haven't had to buy a shower gel since receiving glossy boxes I find I'd never actually purchase any full size as they kind of all do the same thing however this one is packaged beautifully and smells divine. 

Lolita Lempicka - L'Eau en Blanc & Eau de Parfum 
I don't mind perfume samples particularly but these two are really not to my taste they smell way too florally and remind me of the fragranced sheets my nan puts in her knicker drawer. Not for me but I think perfume is so subjective and is all about personal taste. 

Weleda - Face Cream/ Body Milk 
I've seen lots about the Weleda brand and was super excited to try this product - however for me it is way to fragranced to put near my face as I know that kind of strength in fragrance will just break me out. I will be passing this on to my mum who has far more resilient skin to me. 

Collection - Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner 
I think this was a brilliant opportunity for Collection (previously Collection 2000) to show off their rebrand by getting into the hands of so many beauty enthusiasts however a little weird that the packaging is Collection 2000 branded. Anyways - I was really happy to get this in my box as my maybelline gel liner is literally on it's last legs. I like this it's a little softer than the maybelline version and I did find I had to be a little more careful to give it a few seconds more to dry than Maybelline too. It comes with a little brush but I tend to stick to a longer liner brush as it's just a little easier but the brush is ideal for being out and about. 

HD Brows - Brow Beater 
Finally probably my favourite product in the box is the full size HD Brows Brow Beater. I've been looking to get this anyway and I'm so glad it was featured, HD brows is such a hot brand right now and my unruly brows are very grateful for this finishing product whilst conditioning them too. 

Overall I really liked the box it had some products that I really needed which is always welcome in my collection - the pink birthday balloon was also a lovely touch as well as the little Glossybox branded mirror that will be perfect in my make-up bag. 


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