Sunday, 10 June 2012

Instagram Life Update 1st Week of June.

Left to Right - Top to Bottom: Jubilee Scrabble, Boyfriend thinking he's 12 again, arts and crafts on a rainy day, bubble bath :), chiminaya, jubilee bunting, rasberry bacardi - my favourite, odd clay princess, wedding face, wedding nails, using my glossybox bubbles, sleeping doggle, sleeping doggle x2, wedding shoes, magazine subscription time, sunday roast! 

I feel like my recent instagram posts have been quite hideously over crowded so I'm going to try and start doing them more often - beginning right now. I've had a lovely week it started off with my boyfriends best friend getting married in a very fancy hotel followed by a lovely jubilee weekend full of BBQ's and Cidre. The other three days of the week seem to have flown by - with all my friends and family at work I've been busy sorting out the website for The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation and searching for a job now I've finished university. 

I'm actually off on holiday again on Wednesday with my boyfriend for a week in Cyprus, I'm very lucky to have been bought this one as an early birthday/ finishing university present. I really can't wait I don't particularly need a break like last time but this English rain has left me lusting for some sunshine again. I'll post more on Wednesday but right now I''m trying to get some posts together for whilst I'm away and also some scheduled tweets so people can keep track too - you can follow me on twitter @georginacallen 

I hope everyone's June is getting off to a good start, how is it half way through 2012 already? 


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