Monday, 25 June 2012

Marks and Spencer Lipstick Haul

Left to Right - Tangerine, Gold Shimmer, Hot Pink, Bright Rose

I was in in the Southampton Marks and Spencer and there was a make-up sale on. Which resulted in my little brother (who owns a discount card - win win) waiting whilst I swatched a whole host of foundations, blushers and eyeshadows. The sale had been on for a while so the majority of things left were dark foundations and concealers as well as some very bright eye shadows. The sale is basically the end of the Marks and Spencer 'Perfection' range so if you make it to a store with stands full you will be in for a treat as foundations are about £4 and lipsticks £2. 

As a bit of a lipstick fiend I bought four. 
Perfection Super Gloss Lipstick - Gold Shimmer 
Perfection Super Gloss Lipstick - Hot Pink 
Perfection Super Gloss Lipstick - Bright Rose
Colour Rich Anti-Feathering Lipstick - Tangerine 

All are SPF20 which is handy over the summer months. The Tangerine Colour Rich lipstick in the larger tube is much more pigmented than the others, its a very right orange with coral tones coming through making is super wearable. I love the three perfection super gloss I bought though as they are not so pigmented you can build up the colour really well. For me the Bright Rose which is more of a red is a perfect red to buy as being a bit shy of this shade I can ease myself in gently. 

They are all really wearable and soft with decent staying power. If you are near a Marks and Spencer I do recommend a look to see if your stand has much left as if you use a darker foundation there will definitely be a bargain to be found, my store had stacks of liquid foundations, powders, blushers, and creme foundations all for around £4. The range has been taken off of their website now but there was lots of goodies to sift through in store. 

I really like the quality of these lipsticks overall they originally retailed for either £7.50 or £9.50 which I don't think I would have paid as I have brands I'd much rather opt for but it has made me realise Marks and Spencer isn't to be completely dismissed when it comes to beauty. They were adding a new stand with lower price points whilst I was there so I definitely want to check that out when its fully stocked. Has anyone else tried any MnS beauty products? 


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  1. Wow the packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous! xx