Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Carrie Diaries - Book Review

I can't believe June is nearly over - where has 2012 gone? I made a vow at the beginning of the year to read more. And for the first 5 months of the year I read so much, all of it based around word of mouth communications and none of it would have ever made it on to here. Now however I am getting my life back slowly and I'm making sure I stick to that resolution. I tend to read so much on holiday but never when I'm at home so I've ordered a few books and I'm going to do a few posts on here about them. As much as I love beauty products and making my hair super soft it is not my life and I'm hoping to make this blog a bit more of a place about my life and loves rather than just beauty loves so I'll see how it goes and try and post after I've finished every book. 

I actually pre-ordered this book back in 2010 so had it in hard back, however I started reading it then and never seemed to get into it. I decided to take it on holiday as this is a sure way to get into a book. I love Sex and the City I have every single episode on DVD and regularly watch them. I love all four girls and when I was younger always used to decipher who was  who out of me and my other three best friends.

It did take me a little while to get into this book even this time around as I have so many images of Carrie in my head and all of her adult story lines make it quite hard to get your head around when your a die hard fan but I stuck it out and I loved this book. Its weird reading about Carrie having friends who aren't Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda but the writing is so good you get to know the new characters quickly and you begin reading it like its a brand new book without constantly thinking forward to the show. 

After lots of teenage trials and tribulations and many of those poignant lines that makes you stop and think 'yes that is so true' you are drawn in to Carrie's final year at school almost forgetting the face of Sarah Jessica Parker and creating your own characters in your head. It's only right at the end when Carrie makes it to New York and meets Samantha Jones that I genuinely laughed out loud knowing all the adventures they were about to embark on. 

It is such a good read and a mean feat to make you enjoy it without thinking of the actresses we are so familiar with. I love Candace Bushnells writing style and reading this has made me want a Kindle to buy entire shelves of her other books and many others I've been meaning to read before bed. 

I think its time I stop watching re-runs of Family Guy of episodes I've seen 10 times over on BBC3 and start reading again. If you love Sex and the City you will love this book as long as you keep an open mind because without one your left confused and constantly wondering if the back story makes sense to future scenes. 

I can't wait to see this young Carrie make it to my screen. 



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