Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DIY Pastel Bedside Lamps

Myself and Blig moved into our house nearly 8 months ago and my bedside lamps have always bugged me. We picked them up for just £5 each from B&Q mostly because they were £5 we'd just bought a lot of furniture so cheap and cheerful and worked was all we needed. However my dream of white distressed furniture, duck egg blue accents, and pretty pastels doesn't really fit with my dark brown bedside lamps. They work perfectly well and I quite like the shape of them so I didn't want to replace them just spruce them up a little bit so I transformed them and here's how: 
  • I sanded them down with some fine sanding paper - just to get rid of the gloss on the lamps not all of the colour. It gave me a good base to paint standard matt emulsion on. 
  • I painted the bases with 3 coats of an old tester pot I had made up an almost white shade of lilac the closest match I can resemble it too is this Dulux tester in violet white
  • Finally I popped on these cute pastel lamp shades also just £5 from B&Q here in Green and here in Purple

I absolutely love them now just a little DIY has completely transformed them into lamps that actually go with my bedroom. They sit perfectly happy on top of my Ikea Aspelund bed side tables which strangely is now called the Brusali range. If you don't fancy the DIY bit involved this apple green lamp is now reduced to just £4 and a little similar. 

I'm loving these little projects at the moment. It's hard to make a rented house feel like home sometimes - especially so when you live with a boy who has fishing rods, weights and golf clubs filling up any spare space there is so these little touches are making all the difference. 

Disclosure: I do work for B&Q's website but this post is in no way affiliated or promoted by them. I picked out all of the products and purchased them myself.



  1. They look so pretty! It's amazing what you can do with a little effort ;) xx

    1. I know so true - so glad I finally got around to making them pretty. I have so many little projects I want to start now :) x