Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bourjois Shine Lipsticks - Shades 20 & 21

Shade 21 Rouge Making Of

Shade 20 - 1,2,3 Soleil 

Bourjois Shine Lipsticks £7.99 (Selfridges) (Boots)

I haven't picked up a new lipstick in ages - after hanging about the MAC counter for a little while nothing really took my fancy then I stumbled across the Bourjois Shine lipstick range in boots and knew I needed to take some of them home. I picked shades 20 and 21 a sweet coral and brightish red. They are super pigmented but still quite sheer. You can make them completely vibrant by just adding a slick of stain underneath. I do love how sheer they are though as it means you can wear a pretty punchy colour in the day time. I can't wear lipgloss as something in it makes my lips flare up so a glossy lipstick with a buttery base is just perfect for me. This stuff really is so shiny. The wear on them is pretty normal on me they last 2-4 hours dependant on what I'm doing - however the glossy shiny texture that feels so moisturizing on the lips makes them so fun to apply. Bourjois hasn't really hit a bad note for me in ages and these are no exception - I adore them. They are a perfect in between if you don't want the texture and feel of a gloss but still want the full on shine with a moisturising punch. 


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