Saturday, 4 January 2014

Top Pick Real Techniques Brushes

I've only really started playing with make-up brushes properly in the last year. I do think for the majority of beauty tasks you just can't beat using your fingers however I do have a little bit of a love thing going on with the Real Techniques brushes. They are the ever so pretty and really have changed the finish and overall look of my make-up. As I own pretty much all of them now due to some lovely Christmas presents I thought I'd talk about my 6 favourites 2 pink, 2 gold and 2 purple and also the products that have made me fall in love with them. The two base brushes I've chosen are the buffing brush and the contour brush (gold), the two finish brushes I've chosen are the blush brush and the stippling brush (pink) and finally the two eye brushes I love are the brow brush and the pixel point eyeliner brush (purple). 

The buffing brush is probably my number one favorite of all the brushes as it makes my favorite foundation apply like a dream. It came in the Real Techniques core collection which was the first set I bought. I use it to buff in my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation with just a small amount of the foundation this brush buffs it in to a medium to full coverage and gives the most flawless finish.

I've had the stippling brush for a very long time and have only just really fell in love with it. I've tried it with a host of foundations and I didn't really get on with it at all it never gave me the finish I was after despite seeing so many reviews raving about it. I recently watched a video of Sam applying creme blush with it and this use has what's bought it into my favorites over night. I find applying creme blush with fingers ends up rubbing off any powders or foundation underneath it however this brush gives a perfect pop of colour by picking up just the right amount of product. It's bought the Bourjois creme blush back into my everyday makeup routine.

Playing with contouring has been one of my favorite tricks to try and learn in all honestly its mostly only seen by myself as I haven't quite mastered it yet. This brush is making it a hell of a lot easier though the contour brush again came in the core collection. It's the perfect size and has a lovely tapered end which makes using bronzer or highlighter a dream. I use this with a host of products but right now it's being used with the ELF contour kit the most.

I was given the blush brush for Christmas and it's very quickly made its way into my everyday make-up routine. It has lovely large brushes that are loosely packed giving a lovely amount of colour to the cheeks. As it is so big it makes applying blusher so easy. I love using this with my MAC blush in immortal flower - as its not overly pigmented the brush really helps pick up a good amount of product to make it seen.

I love gel eyeliners and find the pixel point eyeliner brush from the eye starter kit a real dream to apply them with. Its fine point really helps to get a neater line and gets the liner closer to the eye lash. I really like applying the Smashbox waterproof gel liner with it.

Finally the brow brush had to be included in my favorites as it is the perfect accompaniment to my brow obsession. Its densely packed bristles make filling in the brow in a neat shape really easy. It's been perfectly designed and again I use this brush every single day - right now I'm using it with the HD brows kit in foxy.

I'd love to know what your favorite real techniques brushes are the only brush I don't have and am tempted by is the powder brush I don't think it's a necessity but it's just calling me for some reason! 



  1. I love the blush push, it's one of my favourite brushes! I need to invest in the brow brush, I'm finding the one in the HD brows kit a bit fiddly

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I found the same with the HD brows brush this one is perfect as its longer and the slanted edge means its just as precise :)

  2. So glad you've done this post. I've recently bought the Real Techniques core collection and the stippling brush (yes, im slow on the band wagon) and im still finding my feet on the best brush for each product, this has definitely helped! Charlotte xx

    1. Aww glad it was useful - it's taken me ages to really use them to to their potential :)