Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 You've Been Rather Lovely.

I know a lot of people say new years resolutions are a waste of time and you'll have broken them by the end of January blah blah blah ... personally I think the end of the year is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect. It's ever so easy to live day to day and wonder where the hell the year has gone so taking a moment to say well I did alright but I'd love to do this is never a bad thing.

2013 for me has actually been a pretty damn good year looking back - I've spent the year living with a boy and it's worked out rather well. I've loved playing house and even though we only rent it's been so fun making our little house our own. I also had my job made permanent which was a super brilliant moment - I have a job that getting out of bed for isn't a chore and I laugh every single day for which I'm super thankful. The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation reached it's one year milestone and amazingly through people's incredible generosity we have raised over £20,000 for young people fighting cancer - something I am in awe of and can't wait to try and match if not beat next year.

I want to achieve lots more in 2014 I turn 25 in the middle of the year and I really want to start saving towards all of the grown up things I want in life. I've also decided in the last month or so that I'm going to stop buying frivolous beauty bits. There are so many expensive products that I know will be amazing that I've lusted after for months and just not gotten around to buying. I'm not going to go crazy in Boots in 2014 on the stuff that I don't really need I'm going to make one treat purchase every month as I know it will feel a lot more special. Also looking in my make-up collection it's these little splurges like the Laura Mercier Foundation that have changed the way I do my make-up and have become HG. I'm also going to start using up the many products I have in my stash that are bursting out of the drawers - it will be year of the empties I'm sure of it!

In terms of Magpie Obsessions I've been a bad blogger this year and my frequency of posting has been really sporadic I've got lots of idea's for 2014 so I really want to stick to a little schedule and build it into my weekly routine. It's taken a back seat to everything else in life this year and it's bothered me that I haven't given it as much time as I would like so I'm really going to work that out next year and hopefully bring in lots more lifestyle posts to make it far more me.

On a lighter note I aim to drink more bubbles because I love them and life is way to short, I want to cook new things and steer away from the same old recipes, and I want to light more candles that smell divine.

I hope you all have the most amazing new year's ever whatever you are up too, and that you make 2014 give you everything you want from it right now. 


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  1. yay that you had an awesome 2013! blogging frequently is actually hard. hey can we follow each other? tell me if you're up for it :)