Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Obsessions: Homemade Hessian Stockings

I've been so busy getting in the festive spirit that I've become an awful blogger but I'm back and determined to get all my little Christmassy posts up before the big day. As this is mine and my boyfriends first year in our own little home I wanted to set about making it very us and putting lots of personal twists in. I looked everywhere for the perfect stockings and couldn't find anything that matched my Christmassy theme well enough so decided to just make my own.

Twine (pound store)
Plain cream cotton (for lining)
Decent pair of fabric scissors 

These were the easiest things to make I free hand drew one stocking cut out with the lining material and then repeated 4 in hessian and 4 in lining cotton. I sewed it all inside out then trimmed any excess so the inside was neater. I then turned out the right away and sewed on top trim and lettering. I finished it off with a little twine bow so they can be hung ready for Santa to fill them up. 

My meter of hessian was more than enough as I have lots left over. I think when I get time next year I'm going to make mini stockings or Santa sacks for the tree and fill them with little chocolates. I double stitched both stockings to make sure they hold all the presents well  - I also heavily sewed the twine on the corner so they hold together well. Hessian is a bit of a pain to work with as it frays so badly but a little perseverance and the added addition of the cotton lining meant that this didn't hinder my sewing too much. 


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