Monday, 28 November 2011

A night in Gunwharf Quays.

I'm a Southampton girl through and through, I crazy love this city. However it's bars on a Saturday night leave a lot to be desired. For me a night out is giggles, girls and cocktails. For most of the girls in Southampton on a weekend it's a chance to be bought drinks and re-apply make-up in overcrowded toilets. 

So it's light relief when we get away for a night out in another city for someone's birthday. This weekend it was my friend Katie's 23rd birthday and she arranged for us all to go to Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth for a night out. Altogether there were 14 girls and we were glammed up ready for dancing. We started in bar 38 for some amazing Strawberry Daiquiri's and then headed to Tiger Tiger to end the night. 

It was lots of fun however my brand new heels nearly made my feet drop off. All was good until my friend went to the bar to buy a round of four drinks to be absolutely gobsmacked at the £28 price tag. For four drinks! Needless to say we started sobering up quite quickly after that one, and it then started dawning on us that a ship of European sailors had come in that day and after spending three months or so without any female company they couldn't be described as anything other than animals. 

But all in all it was a good night, nice to go somewhere different and celebrate one of the first of us turning 23.


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