Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Sleep Obsessions

I've become a little obsessed with creating a serene place of calm to fall asleep within. I found it really hard getting to sleep after spending 20 months living with a boy and having another body in my bed it's so so strange trying to adjust to having a big bed to yourself and remembering what it's like to sleep all alone. So I've bought a few things and made a few changes that now ensure I have on the whole a wonderful nights sleep. 

The first purchase I made was the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - it seemed expensive at the time but it is hands down one of the best thing I've ever purchased. So overdramatic but I love the scent and it does work I have such a lovely sleep and find drifting off far easier it calms the mind a little so you're not in overdrive thinking instead you're just peaceful with your spray. I used to spray my boyfriends pillows and he noticed a huge difference when he didn't have it in his life so it's a pretty good testimony to it working. I take it when I'm staying away now too as it adds a lift of calm when you might otherwise feel a little anxious and unsettled sleeping somewhere new. 

I also love to spritz my bed sheets with the febreze serenity spray - it's more synthetic than the deep sleep but it's only £2 and takes the whole room into a lovely lavender scent. I also spritz a little of the room fragrance around to give a truly serene setting. I also love to light a sleepy candle like this lavender spa tart although anything with a lavender or chamomile scent is perfect. Candles in general make a lovely pre sleep setting. 

I've asked Santa Claus for some more bits within the this works deep sleep range - the natural scent is so perfect and I might be getting really old but having an amazing night sleep has become a huge priority for me. I'd also highly recommend the 'sleep cycle app' if you're on the quest for a perfect nights sleep - it lets you set an alarm over a 30 minute period and will wake you in your lightest sleep within that period so you never wake up horribly in the middle of a dream or something. 

Georgina x. 


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