Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Origins Haul

Shopping on Origins website is so great because it has the same benefits of visiting an Origins counter but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I picked up the Super Spot Remover as I ran out months ago and I've missed it so much. I first blogged about it in September 2012 it was a dream product for me then and it still is now. It's the smallest little pot of spot killing magic and I'm so happy it's back in my life. The Zero Oil is again a repurchase for me it's super brilliant at mattifying the skin without leaving any residue. I haven't blogged about this before but I think a full post might be in order as it's wonderful and I never hear people really talk about it or the zero oil range. 

Finally some masks - I've wanted to try both of these for ages I bought the Clear Improvement mask as I have so many face masks I didn't really need a full tube and thought these little pods would be perfect. I got the mini 7ml version of this for free with the order too which has a good couple of uses in it alone - I'll write up a full post when I've given this a good test. I also got 30ml of the Drink Up Intensive mask for free as I spent £30 this is such a decent sized sample. This product has featured on way too many wishlists and I just have never got around to buying it so I'm excited to have a smaller version to try out before committing to buying the full size. Finally I got a little sachet of the Modern Friction exfoliate which is a fun addition. I highly recommend buying from Origins directly they have free delivery that arrived within 2 days from dispatch and you get to choose a couple of samples at the checkout so it's a good way to try some other bits without having to buy the full size.



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