Sunday, 4 May 2014

Life Lately: April 2014

Last year Steve grew so so many vegtables that I wanted in on the action. Our garden became like a runner bean jungle by the end of it so I thought it was about time we had some flowers to fill the garden. I picked up some snap dragons and sunflowers to make the garden a little brighter. I'm also growing strawberries and tomatoes I now have tiny little shoots and in a few weeks they'll be ready to go outside. In the middle of the month we stayed at Theobalds Park and got breakfast delivered to the room - a drunken order of 'we'll have everything' resulted in the most ridiculously large breakfasts. The sun came out a little on the way there and I finally got some use out of my sunglasses fingers crossed for much more sunshine soon. Adore the 'I love' wine range such a sucker for sweet packaging and it is true I do love zinfandel so much. My auntie turned 50 too and threw a lovely party where the entire family was reunited!

Finally I had to include the quote on the top right of this picture it just sums up everything in life when you're nearly 25. It's such an odd age where you're completely torn between being ready for some painting and house buying but in the same sense you still want to spend spare money on going out and drinking shots. Social media is literally split down the middle at this age too one day it's all babies and weddings and the next it's drunken anecdotes. All the while it's hard to really work out which side of the fence you want to sit on haha probably just me but being in your mid 20's is very confusing.


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