Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rabito Phone Case - Give Your Phone Ears!

I was so excited when I opened this yesterday I've been waiting nearly a month for its arrival and had actually forgot I even ordered it so it was such a lovely surprise! 

It was so much more than I'd expected too. The little tail actually sucks on so can be popped off to clean your screen, it also acts as a little stand so you can put your phone on its side to watch things on. What's more is the tail also works as a place to wrap your head phones round. 

I just adore it is so so cute. Obviously not the most practical of cases but every time my phone goes off and I pick it up to see those little ears I smile :) 

What's more ... is it only cost me £1.85 delivered! Yes it took a while but straight from Hong Kong you save yourself a fortune. 

You can get the pink one here.
Also available in black here.
Or White here (would look amazing on a white iPhone!)

I think they are perfect with easter just round the corner and would make the most adorable gifts. If you wanted one quicker there are lots of UK sellers selling them too but obviously its a little more expensive. 



  1. I ordered one of these a few weeks ago cant wait for it to arrive