Wednesday, 7 March 2012

ELF Lipstick - Shade 'classy'

So my lipstick obsession has kind of come out no-where and it's getting a little ridiculous. I think after suffering many years of only picking up lip glosses that blew my lips up like a puffer fish I am overly excited about being able to wear colour on my lips. 

I have formed a love for MAC lipstick recently but my student and part-time job bank balance isn't loving this as much. So I've been trying out some cheaper colours to keep myself happy as well as my bank balance. 

As a brand I love ELF, they allow you to try out many different make-up bits without spending a fortune. I think they have also got their recent 'facebook likes for exclusive offers' campaign spot on. Each time a new offer is released I am so tempted to go back and buy more goodies. I did an ELF haul last month and you'll see if you wait for a good enough offer you'll be in for some treats!  

Like most of their products all ELF lipsticks are £1.50 and available here. Whilst writing this most of the shades are labelled as 'coming soon' but I will say keep checking if the one you want isn't there as they change stock levels frequently from my experience. 

The shade I bought was called 'Classy' it's scent reminds me of those little lip stick sets you get when your young in stockings and for birthdays. Major nostalgia from this lipstick! I really don't like the names for these lipsticks though - it might just be personal preference but names like 'gypsy' and 'voodoo' remind me of a weird game you'd play as a child rather than a nice lipstick range. 

Overall I liked the shade its mainly pink although I think it has some purple undertones coming through as in some lights it looks a little more purple. It's not as long lasting as most lipsticks I've tried but it does have good coverage with only one swipe my lips were coloured up and ready to go. 

It's a little drying on my lips - I do have quite dry lips at the moment though. I like it all in all it's a cute little lipstick that is so inexpensive and there are lots more ELF shades I'd like to try out. It's a nice day wear pink as it's not in your face but leaves a lovely amount of colour to be noticeable. 

Has anyone tried ELF lippy what did you think? 


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