Friday, 9 March 2012

ELF Stipple Brush

I've been lusting over stipple brush's for ages now but was a bit unsure about how I could actually them. I've always used my fingers or a standard foundation brush to apply the product depending on what product I was using. However as usual after seeing lots of blog posts on different stipple brushes I though I'd give it ago as most people's make-up was really looking genuinely flawless after using them.

As I was still unsure about how I was going to use it I opted for one of the cheapest stipple brushes I could find. It follows suit of all the usual things you'd expect from a stipple brush (flat top and two tone bristles) but comes in at just £3.50 from ELF's studio range.  

I wasn't expecting much as most stipple brushes on the market are lots more expensive than this. I was actually really surprised. What a stipple brush does for my make-up application is amazing - it blends flawlessly and gives an almost airbrushed finish. I was worried it would hold too much product but it didn't at all and felt fabulous on my skin. 

I'm currently expanding my brush collection and I've pretty much started out with an entire set of ELF brushes which range from £1.50 - £3.50 depending on which range you get them from. They are great starter brushes and really do offer good value for money. They have a wide selection of eye brushes too which I love. 

This stipple brush has been great in working out that it is something that definitely has a place in my make-up bag. The brush loss on it is quite annoying I can't go an application without getting hairs all over my face usually 2-3 per application but then it wasn't a big investment and has served its purpose well so I'm not complaining but do want to point it out for anyone who thinks about buying it. 

Knowing this is probably the cheapest version of a brush like this out there I am very excited to make an investment into a decent stipple brush. Ladies please do let me know which ones you use and love I need help in choosing my long term stipple brush pleaseee .... ?! 



  1. Hey there!
    I use the ELF stipple brush too, and have been using it for about 8 months. I've noticed that if I use it for runny foundations (such as MAC Face + Body foundation) then it won't do as much of a great job because it'll be a bit streaky.

    But with foundations that have thicker consistencies, this brush works quite well :)
    I've also read a lot of reviews online (makeupalley) and they state that this brush is great for applying blush! I've never tried it for this purpose but it's something to bear in mind!
    Hope this helped!

  2. Hey lovely, I own all of the ELF studio brushes and I think they are absolutely fabulous. I use this with cream blushers/bronzers and it is so amazing! I used to use it with my foundation until I invested in some Sigma Kabuki's. But this brush is my favourite ELF brush along with their complexion brush! xxxxxx

  3. i use the sigma stipple brush but want to buy another one because they are so multi-purpose! great review im defs gonna check it out!! xx