Saturday, 31 March 2012

Clinque Clarifying Lotion

I've wanted to blog about this for quite awhile. It's a product I've been using on and off for years and I don't think I've read one positive review on it ... ever. I get why people wouldn't like it, it smells ridiculously alcohol heavy and can sting the skin. It's a very strong tightening toner in my book and I really do love it. I think it takes some time getting used to but I like the feeling it gives of completely fresh clean skin. It feels tightening to the skin and leaves mine a little dry - but I like it because then I can slather on some Clinique Moisture Surge.  Everybody's skin is so different but for me using a cleanser and then this followed by a good moisturised works really well it keeps my pores clean and complexion even. It's a product I've recently got back into using and I've realised how much I do love it so will make sure I remember to come back to it once this bottle has run out. 

I'd love to hear if anyone else does love this product? 


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  1. I Love Clinique Skin Care and i use the clarifyiing lotion in 4, which some people think is crazy as they say it reminds them of acid! However I find that it is extreamly good for oily skin and with the right moisteriser for the next step it work brilliantly
    I love your blog by the way!