Thursday, 29 March 2012

Regular Strength ColourB4 - Before and After

I first did a post on Colour B4 in January (post here) it's still one of my most read posts on the blog so as I am undergoing a massive colour change at the moment I thought I'd begin documenting it with another chat about this product. I actually bought this one by accident in haste as the one that I need is the extra strength due to the darkness of my hair. My previous post was on this extra strength so thought it would be worth showing you what the regular strength one did. 

I actually wasn't expecting any difference or anywhere near the results that the last one offered me. It states that this strength is really for people with blonde to light brown hair trying to get rid of unwanted colours like red. As you can see though my hair was very dark and had a red tinge to it. 

I change my hair colour far to often and the red phase has lasted all of about 5 months and I'm ready to get rid of it and go back to brown for the summer. This was the result of regular strength ... 

I was actually so impressed with how it turned out considering the product wasn't designed for my hair colour at all. It took away all of the red and left me with a much lighter ginger colour. It smells a lot less eggy than the extra strength which I really liked. I left it on for the full advised time of 60 minutes and the results were perfect for what I needed. 

As I said before this product doesn't just take you back to your natural colour if you have a lot of build up but it does give you a brilliant base to add a natural coloured dye to and then you can leave it to grow out. I've read lots of peoples thoughts on this product over the last few months and think it gets a lot of unnecessary bad reviews - if you've been dying your hair dark colours for years without removing any of the colours in between there is no way you can get it immediately back to your original colour. I think maybe they could do with rebranding it a little and marketing it as product to give you a light base to add a natural or different colour dye to. It comes with a little shampoo that brings your hair back to the right pH level to dye straight onto so unless your loving a bit of ginger you can take it straight to the colour you want. 

I absolutely love this product and I now use it between all of my colouring even if I stay the same shade as it avoids that graduated into near black tips of the hair from over dying. It retails for only £9.99 which I think is a bargain considering how much a salon would charge. When I buy it again I will make sure I pick up the extra strength as it definitely gave me a lighter colour but this product worked so well considering my lack of concentration in buying it - glad it wasn't £10 that went to waste!

I'm currently playing around with some different things and my hair at the moment so posts will be following on going back to brown and my attempt to add a bit of blonde for summer - if it works tehe! 



  1. I love this too. I think people need to realise that everytime they dye their hair with a permanent dye, their base colour will have been lifted, so this products is never going to go back to it's natural colour without additional dye. x

    1. Definitely agree such a shame reading such negative posts about when actually the results are so good :)