Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Life in the Middle of March 2012

Haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I'd do a little life catch up. Looking through my photo's has made me really want a new camera the lens seems to have gone on mine and the flash and focus are awful right now! Umm thoughts for a richer day I'm sure. 

Anyways it was my best friend Sophie's 23rd Birthday this weekend so we got all dressed up to commiserate celebrate how old we all seem to be getting! What better excuse for a night of vodka and cranberry juice's with lots and lots of cake! 

It might just be me but getting ready is one of my favourite parts Me, Sophie and Claire tanned, and made ourselves up after a very delicious lunch. 

I wanted to include a huggeee picture of 'our' taxi driver Miles. He is actually in my phone as 'Miles Taxi Daddy' because he is a complete gem. He see's us tipsy as we begin the night sharing what we're up to in our lives at the moment and he see's us shamefully drunk at the end of the night. We've probably shared our entire lives over the last years with him and ALOT of drunken tears too! No matter what though if he is working he makes sure we always get home OK. I think my taxi rides with Miles are my second favourite bit of any night out after getting ready with the girls - literally no other taxi driver will do now! And when we visit different cities we wish we could take him with us!

(Love this picture it's like a hair dye swatch ad!)

It was a beautiful weekend in sunshine and cake :) 

Hope you all had an equally as beautiful one! 


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