Saturday, 24 March 2012

Summer on eBay

1. Pencil Skirt £7.99 (£1.99 P&P) 6 colours available 
2. Skater Dress £7.95 (£1.99 P&P) 
3. Skater Skirt £7.99 (£2.99 P&P) 4 colours available 
4. Tiered Maxi Dress £12.99 (£2.49 P&P) 10 colours available 
5. Plain Maxi Dress – £7.99 (£1.99 P&P) Available in 10 colours 
6. Full Length Maxi Skirt – £3.69 (£1.99 P&P) Available in 10 Colours

I don't normally do fashion on here - but I think this is a little more bargains than fashion particularly. Not that I'm not into it or anything its just my style is extremely dull - I stick to the same kind of items and style so it doesn't really have a place here. If you haven't noticed I'm a little bit poor at the moment and I also have a few post dissertation holidays planned so finding some new summer buys have to be cheap and multi-functional! 

I've found I do ALOT of my shopping on eBay at the moment. It's all about planning - obviously if you need to go out that night eBay isn't the place but if you want some basics its a must have site. I own most of the items listed here - although different colour variation are on my wish list right now - so I can vouch for them, don't expect high end crazy quality but they do the trick. Simple multi-use items that will see you through many many events! I thought I'd share my favourites above with you as I've found the exact same items on the high street for sometimes 4 times the price and the stores logo sewn into the back. 

Does anyone else find use eBay for basics? 


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  1. I have to say I'm a fan of ebay too!