Saturday, 10 March 2012

Eyelash Palace

So as a massive eyelashes fanatic I was very excited when Eyelash Palace mentioned on twitter they were looking for some bloggers to try out some of their lashes. Their shop instantly appealed to me as it contains lots of pretty things, a large selection of eyelashes and all of their lashes are just 99p a pair. 

I was sent four pairs to try and decided for this post I'd use the most natural pair. I often am drawn towards the hugest lashes on offer in Boots mostly because I feel like I want as dramatic a look as possible for the average £6 a pair I pay. I don't wear lashes day to day normally so thought it would make sense to give these a go.

I would never normally pick these lashes as you can see they look very natural and almost just like another set of my own lashes. I know subtle is as good thing but I am normally a real volume and the darker the better kind of goes with me and eyelashes. I wouldn't have the time to put on lashes day to day but I actually loved the look of these. 

I tried not to use too much liner so you can see how the lashes sit on my eyes. I think they sit well overall and give a nice day time look - would be perfect for daytime drinks or a lunch date to add a little more glam to your look. They were quite simple to put on - no harder than any other lash I've used. 

Eyelash Palace overall: I was impressed with the selection of lashes they actually offer and a lot of them look like really good matches to some of the eylure offerings but for a fifth of the price - so if you have some definite favourites then I'm sure you could find a close match on this site. Out of the four I received 2 came with little glue tubes although I found them really hard to open and actually use. I think for the price I wouldn't have expected to get any glue anyway - I think most lash wearers have either spare eylure glues dotted around or a large tube of one of their favourite brands so I don't think you need this cheap glue packaged in. 

These lashes are very no frills they do exactly what their meant to - there is no branding or fancy packaging which I think works with the price point you don't expect too much and the lashes are good quality. 

I find wearing eyelashes on nights out I rarely get them home in one piece to wear them again so paying just 99p you won't feel bad about being so reckless! 

I'm excited to wear some of the thicker lashes tonight when I'm out for my best friends 23rd birthday - we all feel a little old at the moment so the glammer the better ;) 

Disclaimer: Eyelash Palace did send me the four lashes featured free of charge to review but all the opinions in this post are completely honest and are 100% my opinion. 


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