Friday, 30 March 2012

John Freida Brilliant Brunette Light Natural Brown Foam Hair Colour Review

So after using the ColourB4 kit I mentioned in my post yesterday it was time to get rid of the ginger and head back to my natural colour. I would normally bulk my colour change into the colourB4 post as lets face it hair colouring products are all pretty similar. However I have never really gotten into the colour mousse fad that's been going on for a very long time. I've always stuck with traditional colouring products mostly because they're what I'm used to. However this John Freida pack was on offer in Sainsbury's down from £10 to £6.66. And it's currently on 3 for 2 at Boots

I've tried John Freida's brilliant brunette shampoo and hair products before and loved them so had high expectations for this. I was also really impressed with the colour range they don't just go from blonde to darker tones of brown they also incorporate reddy toned browns and blonder toned browns which means you can really get the kind of tone you want even though the colour range in the shop is quite daunting. 

I've always been a bit put off foam products because they are often nearly double the price. However my biggest gripe about normal colouring products is that I need one and half tubs to cover my hair. With the foam I had some left over which was impressive considering I have so much hair and it's now well below my shoulders. 

It covered really well and I was so easy to use. I was left with a lovely natural brown colour which wasn't too dark which I often find with most brown dyes that then fade out from black to brown. The quality of everything in the box really impressed me too the conditioner is a decent sized tube that can easily be used a good 4 or 5 times after application. Also this may sound a little weird but the gloves included are great quality black what I would call 'tanning' gloves which did impress me too. 

Overall I was super impressed with the colour and ease of application in using this and I'll definitely be going back to use it again - it's given a much more even tone to overall as the foams means you really can't miss any bits. I think I am officially a foam colourant convert. 

Do you use foam colourings? Let me know if their are any other good brands worth trying? 



  1. I use this dye in dark chocolate brown and love it! It's a bit pricier than most dyes but it's so worth it! I have really long hair too and I never need it all! :) xx

    1. So good having a dye that easily covers all of my hair :) with traditional often end up without enough to cover everything ending up horrible and patchy! x

  2. I have tonnes of red in my hair. I want to try the colour b4 and just get my hair back to a nice light brown again. I might try what you did! xxx

    1. It does work really well I'd recommend the extra strength to try and strip as much out as possible, let me know how it goes :) x