Sunday, 18 March 2012

Perfect Sunday Hair for £1

I wanted to do a post on this because the 'hair doughnut' has become one of my favourite hair accessories probably ever. I bought mine for 99p in Primark. I found one on eBay for between £1.19 and £1.55 delivered. Here.  or there are a selection of different ones here. They come in black, brown and blonde. I bought mine in brown but I have alot of hair so wasn't worried it would show through my red! 

I bought this as I've always been able to get a decent bun from my long hair but since having it cut shorter it kind of looks a bit pathetic pulled up. Since I prefer having my hair tied back for work this little gem has become a saviour. 

It is so easy to use too but I'll explain just in case: 
- Tie hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair band 
- Pull hair doughnut over the ponytail 
- If your hair is long enough you can then pull over the doughnut again and secure with hair band 
- If not long enough secure all hair with kirby grips into the doughnut 
- If you have used a second hair band over just neaten up any bits with kirby grips 

I prefer my bun a little messy so I sprayed with hair spray and messed up a bit with my fingers. I love this little hair gem it is so easy and you end up with a neat little bun every single time! 


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  1. I've been meaning to pick one of these up for ages, I'm actually glad you posted instructions because i've never been quite sure!!!

    abbi, x