Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

I've been using this product on and off for years and recently using I've realised that it definitely should be continual not just when I grab a sample. These little samples last for ages they are only 30ml but a little goes such a long way. Somehow in the last few years I've managed to accrue so many I've never actually bought this product full size. With pump and 125ml it comes in at £29. Which to me always seems a little steep but actually thinking about how long a 30ml sample lasts it would be worth while for me to just go for the full size. I love that it has a yellow tone to it as I find it evens out my skin tone a little before applying primer and foundation. I think I actually prefer the Moisture Surge moisturiser I reviewed earlier this month as it seems to soak in better with my skin and leave it feeling much more hydrated. However when I'm feeling blotchy I definitely always head to this lotion as it just leaves me with a much clearer base to start with. 

Has anyone else tried the two clinique moisturisers? I'm mad on their skin care at the moment so any recommendations will be so welcome :) 



  1. Ooh, I'm not a fan of Clinique but my friend Carla loves it. I just don't find either of their moisturisers hydrating enough for my (super dry) skin. And their clarifying lotion is like paint thinner! Glad it's working out for you though. :)

    Emily x

  2. I']ve always loved this moisturiser