Sunday, 1 April 2012

March on Instagram.

Left to right top to bottom - Binoculars at the Derren Brown show, Revitalift BB cream (review soon), Tan, Scratch cards in the hope of winning some money, Desert board, Red berry energy drink - its disgusting, Using pens all the way to the end, Bunny Phone case, Leopard print nail art, Spaghetti Bol without the spaghetti, Primark gearings, Costa caramel latte Shleepy doggle, more energy drinks (can you tell its dissertation time), Sambuca (can you tell even more its dissertation time, night out with my best. 

Decided to use instagram pics as the way to do a life update. I seem to be gravitating towards it when literally anything happens - or when nothing happens and I want to take a picture of the caffeine I'm drinking that day. You can follow me on it Username: georginacallen


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