Monday, 23 April 2012

Coral Ombre Summer Nails

I've seen a few nail designs similar to this on Pinterest and since I have the weeky dilemma of 'which coral shade do I wear?' as it is a firm summer favourite! I thought this would be perfect at dissolving that dilemma all you need is three or more shades of one colour - or just colours that go together. I'm thinking rainbow would look gorgeous! You also need a clean make-up sponge. You can get them anywhere (think pound shop ladies) but I had some left over from ages ago from Boots they retail for about £4 for a massive bag of them.  

So how to get the look: 
Apply a decent base coat to your nails
You need to dunk the sponge into a glass of cold water
Then paint on your shades in lines in the order you want them on your nails 
Apply once across all nails then let dry 
Continue on all nails until the colour is built up to your desired shade (I did three coats) 
Building it up also gives a more graduated effect rather than strips of colour 
Clean up the sides of your nails with a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish remover
Let it all dry then seal with a clear top coat :) 

I used Barry M Coral and Peach Melba and Models Own Fuzzy Peach 


This is probably the easiest nail art I've ever done and I think it's so effective. I love it - perfect summer nails in my opinion - now just need to finish this uni malarkey and make my way to the airport :) I have some delicious yellow's that I think would suit this so well with a tan! 

Has anyone else tried ombre nails? 



  1. This looks so good! I never realised how simple it would be either! :) xx

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  3. oooooo so cutee!!!!!!!!!!

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