Wednesday, 4 April 2012

She Said Beauty Box

So I wasn't really going to blog about this because my views aren't the most favourable but I thought I would as I think if I was looking up which beauty box to spend my money on I'd appreciate all views. I signed up for the She Said Beauty box on the 22nd February. It was a brand new box and I was excited to see what it offered. I then heard nothing until the 16th March when they took my first payment of £9.70 after using a discount code for my first box that was available back in February. It's normal price is £9 plus £2.95 P&P

So I emailed the company on the 27th March to see where the box was when I was very politely informed it would be sent out at the beginning of April. I was kind of confused as the March box had already been disclosed online and I thought my February subscription was offering me this box but needless to say the April box landed on my door on the 2nd April over a month after my subscription sign up. All in all its been confusing but I completly appreciate they are a new company and are maybe ironing out some administration issues like the ones I experienced but some kind of ETA would have been useful. 

The box itself was nice it had a little bit of all the standard things you expect in a beauty box some skin care and a bit of make-up. There were far too many sachets for my liking and I know one of the sachet sets were a 6th extra to the box but I just don't like sachet samples they don't give me enough of a chance to see if I like the product to want to buy it full size. The nail varnish was nice in a standard red. Body shimmer again nice but not something I'd particularly use much of. Lip Balm is off to a friend - it's standard nice shade but doesn't offer much colour (made by Misha Barton). And finally the face and neck polisher is nice but not really sure its much more than a light kind of scrub. 

Even though none of the products wowed me, nor the brands I can't completely complain they weren't awful. For me my least favourite part of the box outside of the sachet overload was the straw that held all the products in. I found it kind of odd that a messy kind of bitty straw was used to hold the product - it literally went everywhere. 

My favourite part of this box was the little chocolate lindt egg which is just my favourite kind of chocolate. I just felt rather underwhelmed both by the amount of time this box took in reaching my door, the way it was packed, the confusion in the branding (a lot of Glossybox fonts and layout similarities for me alongside a bright pink and blue collaboration), the products themselves and just the general way I left with the happiest part coming from a little chocolate egg. 

I don't mean to be overly negative on this one and I'm sure once they get into their stride things will smooth themselves out. It just didn't do it for me. There are a host of beauty boxes that hit the mark in terms of branding in my view and for me this may be a little late and little underwhelming to gain a decent momentum to fight with the others. 

Did anyone else receive the April or March she said beauty box? What did you think? 



  1. I got this box yesterday too, down to the very same nail varnish colour and I really like it. Its amazing how much views can differ between people isn't it?
    The only product I wasn't happy with is the lip balm because of the rubbish colour payout and the smell being really fake.
    I was happy to get so many sachets personally because I like to try out lots of different things so I like that you get to try 6 different products from one brand but I agree that they tend to be just that little bit too small to test properly. I thought the comfort zone sachets were quite a generous size though. Are you going to stick with She Said Beauty for another month or so to see how it goes? xx

  2. I think this looks like a lovely selection in the box I haven't heard of She Said Beauty, but it looks interesting :)