Thursday, 12 April 2012

Instagram - Middle of April.

Left to Right Top to Bottom: Ombre hair, my weekly shop, boy looking curious at lunch, viva glam lipstick, adding some blonde, boyfriend broke the hammock, nando's lunch date with Sophie, my newest favourite shoes, beauty cupboard, doggle getting his tan on, cheeky glass of wine, drinking whilst waiting for a lift, iced tea, vivo coral flair lips, curly hair for bank holidays, a night with ann widdecombe poster, garden centre, doggle having sleeps, newest shampoo, matte flamingo pink nails, my life in books again, ugliest shoes in the world, hiding doggles eyes from the dog acts on BGT, coral nails. 

Life catch up on instagram - you can follow me on there georginacallen - how is it the middle of April already :( back to the books I go. 


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