Friday, 13 April 2012

Empties #1

There's a few reasons I've decided to start these posts. The first is because my beauty cupboard ... 

Is getting just plain ridiculous. I have so many products that I just keep dabbling with and not using up that a change really needs to happen. The second is I also have plans to move in with my boyfriend towards the end of the year and as we are looking for a cute one bedroom flat I'm not sure where all this would really fit in. So I've made a vow to only buy beauty products if they are something I don't own. I will say this isn't applicable to make-up as they are only small and I'm not prepared to give up everything and live a life with just one lipstick :) 

So as soon as I have got together some empties which may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly I thought I'd do a little post about them and to also review weather they will be repurchased or not ... 

1. Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub - I absolutely love this product and it's lasted me so so long. It smells so devine of oats honey and sugar. I only seem to pick up Soap and Glory products in those massive haul offers they do at Christmas time but I do think this will be repurchased. Not straight away as I am tres poor right now and will be buying a cheaper scrub to tide me over but this is such good value and will be getting bought in the future. 

2. Soap and Glory Scrub your Nose in it - I really like this product it doubles up as a wash and face mask. I only really use it as a mask as I find it quite heavy for my skin every day but as a deep cleansing mask I think it's spot on for my skin, I really like it. I will definitely be repurchasing this as I've not found a product like it. 

3. Korres Basil and Lemon Shower Gel - my boyfriends mum actually gave me a large sample of this shower gel as she got it free with a magazine subscription. Its a really nice brand from Greece that makes a range of natural products. This shower gel literally smells amazing its got so much lemon in it but the basil kind of neutralise's it and doesn't make it too sweet if that makes sense. I wouldn't buy this again literally because I don't take much care with shower gels and do like a creamier one for my skin - I'm more of a whatever costs a pound in Sainsbury's kind of girl but it was so nice to try this.

4. Clarins Firming Cream - Finally finished this off from a recent glossybox, I actually don't really like it. It has a bit of body butter scent but not really enough to be anything. I find it a little thick for my taste and I know I only used a sample but didn't find anything about firming really. I'm glad I tried this out but I wouldn't pay the price tag for it I much prefer some of my other firming lotions and body butters. 

5. FAB Face Cleanser - Again a product in my glossybox, I love the packaging of the brand. I like that its all really clean and fragrance free. I however think that once you foam it up it smells a little bit like a sweaty man - I don't know why and I know this is weird because it is fragrance free but I just don't like it. I kind of like my skin care to have a slight refreshing scent and feel to them and this is just too kind of non-de-script for me. I won't be buying this again but if you are looking for fragrance free this is the brand it's lovely. 

So they are the things I've managed to use up so far - expect many more of these posts I have so much to get through oops! 



  1. My bathroom is horrifically full at the moment of half empty things, I wish I could resist trying new ones!! xx

  2. I love soap & glory products, they smell gorgeous! x