Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Vivo Baked Blush - Peaches and Cream

So after my love with the Vivo Baked Bronze last week I thought a cheeky blusher wouldn't go wrong in this week's food shop! Again I've mentioned a lot how I've been looking for a cream blusher to replace the discontinued Benefit one I loved. In my search nothing has really equalled it and I've headed towards powder blush's and in doing so have created quite a collection. 

I love peachy corally tones to blusher's and this one is exactly that Shade 1 - Peaches and Cream is a gorgeous peach with a hint of pink to it blusher. It goes on gorgeously with very little fall out. Again it's a decent sized blusher that will last.  I will be buying Rouge Shimmer  next time I'm in Tesco's as I think it's a brilliantly priced (£4) blusher. Highly recommend if your a blusher whore too :)



  1. haha you cant go wrong with a £4 blusher :)

  2. Great photos and review! "Blush whore" HA, love it :)

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  3. Wow what a gorgeous colour, can't believe it's £4! Thanks for the review:) xxxxxxx