Monday, 2 April 2012

Ombre - Dip Dye DIY Hair.

So the other weekend I had a bit of a mad moment and purchased some bleach. It came from the fact that the sun has been out and I basically wanted some lighter tones going through my hair. Having looked back through some old pictures which show my hair from black to red and back to brown I thought lifes too short to not have a little fun with some blonde. I didn't want highlights - they're just not me and a whole head of blonde would look ridiculous as my eye brows are so dark. Which left me in a bit of ombre dip dye type of situation. 

I'm going to be honest I didn't really think this through at all. My trip to Sainsbury's buying bleach is all a bit of a blur. They didn't even just have a standard pack of bleach so I bought the highlighting kit which is the same thing just mine came with a highlighting cap which was quickly discarded. I used the Jerome Russell kit simply because it was all that was stocked but I think there is a variety of bleach kits available including one by Loreal. 

I sat down and watched a few youtube tutorials and then came to the conclusion of whats the worse that can happen I can always dye over it. And I thought I'm only 22 if I can't do it now when can I?! 

I worked out roughly where I wanted to dye and just rubbed the bleach through the ends of my hair and left for about 15 minutes at which point I got scared and washed it off. Luckily though the kit gave enough bleach for a second go which I bravely left on for 60 minutes. Above is the final result. It actually looks quite subtle and nice in the picture but in real life it was a kind of browny orange. The ends of my hair were feeling like straw though so decided I'd apply lots of hair oil and intensive condition before heading back for a second round of bleach. 

Obviously with the second box I was feeling a little more adventurous and feeling like a pro left it on for 2x 60 minutes. Which has left me with the above result. The crazy amounts of bleach has left the end of my hair really unmanageable but having applied lots of hair oil and conditioner it's heading back to normal quite well.

Considering I just went into this without much planning I'm happy with the results and with how easy it was to do. It definitely needs some toner to calm the yellowness out of it. I do realise now throwing bleach onto dyed hair wasn't my brightest idea but I think the overall effect is kind of fun for the summer.

I've tried most dye's on the market but have never really played around with bleach so for a first go I'm happy. These pictures show my hair completely un-styled and just naturally dry but it does look lots better curled. I just wanted to get this post in before some future ones which included my hair without explaining what I've done.

What I've learnt: if your thinking about going for this look invest in some hair oil before bleaching - it literally left the ends of my hair in a tangled dry mess and hair oil has been a saviour in bringing it back to manageable state. You definitely need bleach not just blonde hair dye to achieve this look as to get the colour definition it needs to be pretty harsh. Doing it on uncoloured hair is definitely the best idea as you will avoid the kind of orangey tones I've had to control. 



  1. It looks really pretty, looking forward to seeing it styled. I'm never really brave enough to experiment too much with my hair colour, especially with dye because I've naturally got really dark brown hair. xx

  2. I love the ombre look :)

  3. ahh that looks amazing!!! so pretty.

    If you have the time check out my new post is might interest you =]

    Tanesha x

  4. I did this to my hair last year and loved it! It really suits you! :) xx

  5. Looks really pretty on you!:)