Tuesday, 3 April 2012

L'Oreal Revitalift Repair 10 BB Cream Medium Review

I had my first encounter with BB cream in January when I tried out the Garnier one in shade medium. I finally ran out a little while ago and went heading for its replacement. With so many on the market now it was hard to choose. But I've recently been reading into anti-ageing products being about prevention rather than cure so thought this Revitalift Repair 10 cream would be a good bet. It was on offer in Boots for £9.99 from £14.99 and looks like it still is at the moment. 

It claims to do a whopping 10 things compared to Garnier's 5. 

1. Wrinkles appear reduced
2. Skin feels firmer 
3. Covers Imperfections
4. Enhances Skintone
5. Skin surface appears even
6. Skin feels smoother
7. Illuminates Complexion
8. Hydrates for 24hrs
9. Covers Age Spots
10.Protects Against UV

It's definitely an impressive list. I found the consistency very similar to all the BB creams I've tried and tested in stores it's feels a lot more moisturiser than foundation though which I really liked. My skin felt quite amazing after applying it. It's got a really soft consistency and does everything a BB cream offers plus a little more in my opinoin. I think it's price tag is very fair as it has some anti-ageing qualities to it too - obviously I can't comment on it making wrinkles appear reduced but it does leave my skin tone really even. 

I personally use BB cream as a primer as I prefer a fuller coverage. Above is my makeup applied with just the BB cream and a little bit of blush. I think it works in really nicely and gives a good even complexion. I do find though that alone it can do a little blotchy and wear off quite quickly throughout the day so even though this picture looks good it is taken just after application and day to day I always apply foundation on top. It gives such a good even base for any foundation though and I really love the product. 

The packaging is very generous maybe even a bit too generous. It comes in a box wrapped in plastic inside a box. I love the pump element to it though and once you have unwrapped all the layers you get a really easy to use product. 

I am really intrigued by the whole anti-ageing prevention concept at the moment so this product is working really well for me. I think I prefer it to the Garnier one I previously used as it's alot softer and creamier in application. Also the pump dispenser is perfect! 

Which BB creams do you use? I think I want more of them in my life ... :) 


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  1. This looks great I have only used one BB cream, that was the garnier. But this looks like it has a nice coverage and gives your skin a nice dewy finish