Sunday, 22 April 2012

Instagram - April is nearly over.

Left to Right - Top to Bottom: Matte Red Nails <3, A sandy nosed doggle, Meon Shore, Posing Doggle, Chinese wraps are weird, a wedding invite as a couple (we're officially grown up), Alpen Light bars, clearing out my wardrobe *team cheryl*, Concrete Mixer Nails, Can not stop eating frozen fruit, 'i'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her', taking RSVP'ing very seriously, pale fingers with utopia and carnival, neon nails :), lots of Aston dolls for £3.74 (I thought he was favourite), more frozen fruit .... 

My life has been a little dull recently if I'm honest, in the midst of dissertation writing I seem to just eat frozen fruit or alpen light bars (can not get enough of them) and take pictures of Oscar the dog ... and I always seem to find time to paint my nails. Today I'm trying to catch up with a bit of blogging and thought I'd post my recent instagram's as they sum up my life better than I could with words. 

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend and hopefully doing things more exciting than writing essays. 
22 days to go ... countdown is on!


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