Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vivo Baked Bronze - Healthy Glow

As I've mentioned lots of time before I am a massive Vivo fan. I have to say though this is easily my most loved product. It's actually one of my favourite products I have probably ever bought. I have been after a decent bronzer for ages. I find most of the ones I buy are either too dark, too pink or just too one colour that doesn't blend well. 

This immediately jumped out at my due to the slight shimmer to it and also the lightness of colour, I want for shade 'Healthy Glow' and it cost me £5. It also comes in two other shades - Sunkissed and Bronzed. I really can not praise it enough it leaves a gorgeous shimmery bronze to my face and leaves my complexion looking really glowing and sheer. I have nothing negative to say about this which is probably a first for me. It's a massive pot and brushes on perfectly with a massive bronzer brush. I think I will be repurchasing this a lot and also getting a deeper shade for the summer. 

Have you tried any Vivo bronzing shades or Vivo products? What else should I be sticking in my basked next time I'm in Tesco :)


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