Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bourjois ColorBand Eyeshadow & Liner Stick

I didn't go into boots for yet another eyeshadow pencil but I managed to leave with one. All of the colours in the range were so so pretty and it was hard to leave with just one. I bought it because I swatched them all then wondered around and tried to wipe it off - it didn't budge. The pigmentation and longevity of this is amazing. I have the shade 02 brun dadaiste - it's a golden deep brown that is the perfect daytime liner for something a little lighter than kohl blacks. I don't think it's particularly dual purchase for me it's an great chunky liner but it's not very blend-able so is hard work as a shadow. Overall on the outer corners for some day time liner this shade and formula is perfect. I've been using it everyday for the last week since I've had it which is something a bit special considering I have an entire drawer full of products very similar. I would highly recommend this new launch if you're a a pencil addict like me and even more so if you're after products to take you through the whole day.

Georgina x.


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