Thursday, 18 July 2013

Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer

Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer - £5.35 Boots  Superdrug 

I'm a little bit of a fake tan obsessive (St. Moritz is my favourite) I don't tan too easily naturally but I do prefer to have an all year glow. I'll be the first to admit I have taken the tan obsession a little to far in the past and hit perma orange status. I've always wanted to find a gradual tan I love to make sure this obviously never happens and to avoid needing to scrub off my tan down to my skin so applying the next layer will be even and golden. 

I've tried a few gradual tans throughout the years but they've always been a little too gradual for my liking. I don't moisturise my entire body ever single day so adding this in was never going to be suitable. I'm also someone who likes things to show quickly and this is why the Palmers gradual tanning moisturiser has found it's way into my life. I adore cocoa butter and when I do get round to a full on moisturising session it is always with cocoa butter so this tanning moisturiser instantly appealed.

This stuff is gradual but just one layer is actually enough. It has all the loveliness of cocoa butter but packed with tan. It leaves a very golden glow to my pale skin but could be built up to achieve a decent tan on a range of skin tones. Because of the cocoa butter the biscuit smell isn't as overpowering as other gradual tanners I've tried. It's still there if you have a nose that's sensitive to it but it isn't awful like many of it's competitors. One of my favourite things about this product is its pump - it makes it so so easy. I do still wear a sexy pair of latex gloves to apply this as find as it's so strong it does sometimes get between my fingers and cause a few unsightly dark marks. 

I'm not completely won over to gradual tanners because I simply like a quick tanning fix but this is perfect for a top up or to put on as you're getting ready and you don't have the whole 8 hours to develop a proper tan. I love Palmers and this product is one that's staying firmly in my tanning collection. 

Georgina x


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