Friday, 22 February 2013

Farewell Glossybox - February Edition

I've been debating weather to give up my monthly subscription to Glossybox for quite some time. The February box marked my 16th box and first and foremost I've run out of things to do with the boxes themselves. Secondly I've not been particularly impressed with the offerings recently certain brands keep making it into the box month after month (anatomicals) and I find there are nowhere near enough products that make me go wow I need this full size. I've also found that I read so many blogs these days that my £13 a month could be much better spent on something I actually really want and will love.

I've nothing against the Glossybox brand at all and I've found their service and responses to be some of the best customer service I've experienced. However the boxes just aren't what they used to be and for me the debate ended with this February box and I've cancelled my subscription.

There's nothing particularly bad about the February box but again not a single thing made me go wow I'm so glad I paid £13 to find this little gem. Yet another shower gel and yet another anatomicals product. I personally find the scents of this brand really unappealing and despite the cute packaging I've had one of their products in a good 4 boxes now. The MeMeMe fatcat mascara was nice but didn't blow me away - it gave me every day lashes but nothing that I would rave about. Not a huge fan of loose eyeshadows so the Mica Bella product in this box didn't tick all of my boxes but it is a lovely shimmery brown that I will definitely get use out of.

Then came the Miners Cosmetics Lipstick. I don't have a particularly positive feeling towards Miners as they are local brand and always seem to be in the 99p bin of my local pharmacy. Getting your product in a Glossybox is such an amazing opportunity to get in the hands of so many beauty loving women it's ridiculous. They just took that opportunity and slapped it round the face by providing perhaps the ugliest shade of lipstick I've ever come across. Named 'mulled wine' it's a deep browny gold tone that I can't imagine suiting anyone. For the first time in my Glossybox history this one didn't even make it to the hands of friend, nor the back of my drawer it literally went straight in the bin.

The best product from this box was the Vidal Sasoon Shine Spray - a perfect little mini for travel that gives a gorgeous glossy finish to my hair.

Basically this box made my decision pretty easy and I did cancel my subscription straight after it came. I'm not ruling out Glossybox forever but it's just not for me right now. Also I really wanted to give my spending ban a full go and I start really clearing out my drawers full of samples I've accrued since I started my Glossybox subscription many months ago.



  1. I looked a lot into glossy box but reviews lately put me off so much! I'm with betrousse and there so good!! I have a review up on my blog if you want to take a look at what they offer x

  2. i was contemplating a glossy box but yeah they seem to be a bit rubbish lately so i dont think i will bother im sure the money will be well spent on other things :)

    Love your blog !
    Alex ox.

  3. I used to be subscribed and like you have left them as I thought they were a bit pants :-(

  4. I keep telling myself I'm going to unsubscribe but then I worry that as soon as I do, they'll send out an AMAZING box. Ha. The past few have been pretty disappointing though.

    Katie x
    And Katie • Beauty & Lifestyle