Sunday, 3 March 2013

Empties - February

I've been a little bit MIA from the blogging world recently - I seem to have so much going on at the moment that I never have time to sit down and properly write a post. Also since giving up beauty purchasing for lent a few weeks ago I've been focusing on some other new projects outside the world of beauty and it's been quite refreshing. I don't plan on ever giving up Magpie Obsessions because I love bbloggers and the comments I receive on here but I have realised I need to prioritise lots more recently. I could do with an extra day in the week to get all my little bits done.

Anyways on to this post - giving up beauty buying over two weeks ago now for lent has been the most refreshing thing and I'm getting through so much more of my stash so expect many more of these posts in the next month or so! I even managed a trip to boots today with a gift card in my purse and did not buy a single thing - not even a lipstick!! 

Maybelline BB Cream has to be one of my favourite BB creams I've tried it's a lovely consistency and light enough for my pasty skin. It gives a lovely dewy glow and if I wasn't so obsessed with trying new BB creams I would definitely repurchase this. Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo is actually my boyfriends but I've been sneaking in lots of squeezes of this one - it makes me hair super soft and smells amazing. I'm a massive fan of Aussie hair products so this was always going to be a winner. Once I've finished my stash of shampoo's and conditioners I'm definitely going to splurge some Aussie hair goodies! 

The superdrug coconut conditioner and shampoo was actually bought during a weekend trip away when I forgot my shower bag. I picked them up because they were super cheap like £2 for the 2 and because I adore the coconut scent. I didn't actually make it to the bottom of these two they didn't really moisturise my hair at all and I found it ended up much more knotty than normal. To be fair I have really damaged hair at the moment and cheap shampoo's just won't cut it. 

I've blogged a lot about the clean and clear deep cleansing lotion - it's pretty brutal but I love it and always have a bottle on stand by for when this runs out. So many people hate this stuff but there's something about the little sting you get from it that I couldn't not have in my skincare routine. Original Source black pepper and chilli shower gel again is the boys that I've nicked a few times - it's not my favourite original source scent obviously but it's seriously refreshing and it smells amazing on a man. If you need a kick to wake up in the morning though this does the job and is a little perk of living with a boy. 

Finally is the Elemis young skin exfoliating wash I received this in a recent glossybox and I am so tempted to get it full size. It's the perfect daily face wash with small little exfoliating beads and really fresh all in one. I won't be buying this anytime soon as I'm on a ban but it is easily one of the best little samples to come out of my final few Glossyboxes :) 


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  1. I love stealing the boy's things. His Ted Baker deo is soooo lush, although I do get told off for using it!

    The Simple Life of Emma