Sunday, 17 March 2013

Philip Kingsley Maximizer

I've had the Philip Kingsley Maximiser for quite a while now and it's been a good addition to my hair care routine but hasn't really moved mountains so it's taken a while to get round to posting about it. It's actually designed for fine limp hair which I didn't read into before purchasing. It's a really light hairspray that is in a spray dispenser rather than an aerosol. I use this on ends of my hair to stop it going limp. It's perfect to be kept in my office drawer as its light formula means I'm never going to be left with really big hair that needs styling. This just gives a bit more oomph to hair that is dried out and a little frizzy from the office air. Even though this doesn't maximise my hair like it would to someone with finer hair it does really help with taming it down and is a welcome rescue addition during the afternoon just to give it back some life. 


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