Monday, 25 March 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Lotion

La Roche-Posey Effaclar Lotion £11 Boots

I picked this up in a bit of a La Roche-Posay 3 for 2 frenzy a few months ago. I'm weirdly into the clean and clear cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. Most people hate this stuff it's very alcoholic and stings the skin a little on application. I like this though - it really gets the dirt off your skin and when you're having an oily breakout there's nothing like sweeping it over your face after removing your make-up and not using any moisturiser afterwards. It drys out the oil and makes the skin a sponge for all the serum and moisturiser goodness you want to throw at it the next day. 

As much as I do love this stuff it's not an everyday product by any means. I picked up the La Roche-Posey effaclar lotion after reading a few reviews in the hope that it would be a good post make-up removal middle ground. This product unlike the clean and clear is actually clear (it's the bottle that's blue) I liked this straight away it appears more natural immediately. It also has no scent which again ticks my skin care boxes. Even after a few pads of bioderma - which I swear by to remove every single trace of makeup - this stuff gets right in your pores and removes the final traces of any dirt or oil that may be in your skin. It's not as alcoholic as the clean and clear but it does still pack a punch. 

It has really helped with my skin's overall texture and has reduced the amounts of little pimples I've been getting. I can't really comment on how much it's reduced my pore size as I've begun using 3 pore reducing products at the same time but they are smaller and I'm sure this has had something to do with that. I really enjoy using this overall it gets rid of all the dirt on my skin without being quite as harsh as my beloved clean and clear cleansing lotion. It offers more of an exfoliant compared with the clean and clear which is far more of a deep cleansing lotion. Will it buy it again? Going to be honest I love it but clean and clear even though a little harsh is a third of the price so unless I see this on some amazing deal I won't be repurchasing but I do highly recommend it if you find something like clean and clear to harsh but are still looking to deep clean your pores.  


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