Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blog Obsessions - My Favourites

I think it's literally been over a year since I sat down and shared my favourite blogs. So after feeling the love a little recently and from loving reading posts like these by others I thought it was about time I sat down and shared all of the blogs I love reading ...

Milk Bubble Tea - I adore Becky's blog her photography is out of this world she could literally make a peg on a clothesline look amazing. I love her wish lists, recipes and beautiful trips away.

The Londoner - Rosie's blog was one of the first that I read before starting my own. I'm a massive dog lover so the adventures of Custard keep me coming back as well as the incredible recipe's and travel adventures that feature regularly.

Secret Diary of Fashion Journalist - Laura has single handedly made me obsessed with statement necklaces. Again one of the first blogs I followed - I adore every post she writes always so on point.

Gh0stparties - My obsession with Kate's blog is mainly down to her flawless skin. I have bought so many products from her recommendations and they have never let me down.

EssieButton - I adore this girl! I love all of her posts, dream of having her make-up collection and love watching her youtube channel.

Milkteef - As a massive lipstick fan Emma's blog always ticks the right boxes her lipstick collection really is to die for and her full face swatches of every product she buys means all her reviews really help you decide if it's worth buying or not.

Blue October - This blog has the perfect mix of everything, amazing fashion, lifestyle and beauty. I love flicking through all of Lizzie's posts regularly.



  1. The Londoner is stupidly fake. She's being ripped to shreds on GOMI

  2. Thanks for all the recommendations! I love finding out new blogs to read.
    I already follow a few of these girls, and their blogs really are amazing :)