Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Obsessions: The Wreath

I couldn't find a wreath that I loved so decided to put together my own. My wreath sums up my Christmas theme really natural colors with a hints of red and the odd bit of gold. I made mine from a host of bits from hobby craft. The base was the 35cm tree wreath for £4 its a wire frame with fake tree spruces all over it. You can bend and move these as you like to cover or show off the other decorations you place around it. I then covered it in cinnamon sticks, berry clusters (small) & (large), mini pine cone clusters and bent them all round the wire frame. It took minutes to put together I found the key to it was using everything in multiples of an odd number and making is as unsymmetrical as you can so it has a lovely natural finish. I wreath made of natural bits would be much nicer but being as controlling as I am I wanted mine ready and I also like the idea of adding little bits to each year and keeping the same one. You can pick up the polystyrene wreath bases from Hobbycraft too where you can cover it in your tree off cuts. I picked up the gold wreath hanger from B&Q for just £3 just to finish it all off.

If you don't want to make your own I've picked out 5 of my favorite finished wreaths:
Cones and Berries Wreath - B&Q £18
Mini Red Berry Wreath - John Lewis £15
Heart Wreath - John Lewis £10
Pine Cone & Berry Wreath - Marks and Spencer £19.50
Luxury Pine Cone Wreath - Marks and Spencer £49.50


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  1. Love that you made your own! My mum is dragging me wreath making this year and we're going to have a go at making our own :) hope it turns out as nice as yours!!xx