Monday, 10 March 2014

Empties - The Shower Edition

I really love the dry texturising spray from the vo5 plump it up range so was excited to try out the shampoo and conditioner from the range. Overall I quite like it but I did find it took a little getting used to - it's not as sleek as other shampoo/ conditioners that I've used. It washes hair really well but left my hair with the feel that it was clean but next day clean. I found my hair less manageable and took a lot longer to brush through after using it. It's good if you're styling your hair but on a day to day basis I found it hard work. I'd pick up some smaller bottles to have in the bathroom as it would be perfect to wash your hair with if you were going straight out as it gives you a little boost before you even begin getting product out. They're only £4 for both at Superdrug though so definitely worth a go. 

I picked up the Superdrug pink grapfruit tea tree facial wash ages ago as it was cheap and I had a few little pimples on my chest so without spending lots of pennies on a specific showergel I thought this might do the trick. And it did within just a few showers! I wouldn't use it on my face personally as it was a little drying and my skin couldn't handle it. I can't find the pink grapefruit scent online but the lemon is available here for just £2.99. 

Finally I've used up my little morroccan oil shampoo and conditioner samples. I really do love this stuff - it's a once a week treat for the hair that's full of oil just leaving the softest sleekest hair behind. I wish it wasn't so expensive - I did find 500ml of each for just under £40 here which is amazing but still so so much money considering the vo5 came in at a 10th of the price for the same amount. I'll always be on the look out for some crazy deal that doesn't exist but I might pick up some small bottles again as they do last for ages. 



  1. I'm obsessed with rubber duckies! This was a present at Christmas combining my 2 loves the Queen as a rubber duck <3