Saturday, 29 March 2014

Making Magpie Obsessions About Me ...

This post has been along time coming but last night it just hit me so before I switch things up come April. I've felt that this year blogging has been way less enjoyable and has become a bit of a chore rather than the pleasure it started out as. Beauty blogging has changed so much in the last few years and I kind of feel like I'm so out of it at the moment. I'm trying to save to buy a house at some point so I can't justify crazy price tags or huge boots hauls anymore. I work full time too so I don't have the time I did at the beginning to spend on the blog and I think as my heart isn't in it anymore - I'm not making the time for it. 

I want this little piece of the internet to be wholeheartedly about me. I love beauty products don't get me wrong but it's not all that I'm about. Spending the weekend drinking wine and laughing till my cheeks hurt with my boyfriend is far more me and I want Magpie Obsessions to reflect that. I have a huge interest in interiors and crafting that never really gets it's space here. I'm going to mix it up a bit from now on and not feel so enclosed by the 'beauty blogging tag'. I love reading beauty blogs and I've learned so much from writing this little blog. I'm sure I'll end up in Boots every now and again buying more lipsticks than I'll ever need and I'll still post about it but I'm also going to make an effort to share all of my favorite home things, tips that I've picked up and also general lifestyle chats. 

Right now as I write this I'm surrounded by coconut candles, drinking a glass of prosecco whilst my boyfriend is cooking up a treat in the kitchen before we watch a movie. I'm excited for this new chapter which will officially begin on Tuesday (there's something about the first of a month isn't there)!


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