Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Elegant Touch Moisture Balance Nail Polish Remover

I've always just picked up 99p polish remover from the supermarkets but I was obviously feeling a little flush on my recent trip to tesco and bought this Elegant Touch polish remover for an entire £2.10. I'm pleased to say this was a brilliant choice and money very well spent. This polish remover is a kind of ombre in the bottle but after a good shake it turns a bright green shade. It's an acetone free remover - the top is the bit that removes the polish and the bottom is full of evening primrose oil and vitamin B5. I abuse my nails a lot so I always welcome another part of armour to help nourish them and make them a little tougher. I've been using lots of things recently to strengthen them so I can't blame it all on this remover but I'm sure it's helped. It's nice to use a remover that doesn't feel stripping and harsh. I will definitely be buying this again for as long as a remover lasts I've found it well worth spending a little more to get a few extra benefits from it. 

Georgina x.


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