Sunday, 11 January 2015

Neom Complete Bliss Candle

I received the Neom Complete Bliss in a gift with purchase on a huge Cult Beauty order at the end of last year. I've never really bought into the expensive candle thing as it's always seemed a little strange to me to literally burn money. However as I've gotten a little older I like nothing more than to light a lovely scent before bed. This is the complete bliss travel candle which burns for up to 20 hours and retails for £16. I don't like huge candles as I'm stupidly fickle and like to change scents often. I've also fallen into the trap of loving getting to the end of the candle, cleaning it out and using it to store make-up brushes/ hair grips etc. 

It came in a super luxe white box which I adore. It contains the essential oils, Moroccan blush rose, lime and black paper which they say is the perfect accompaniment to romantic evenings in. Which it is but I also find it really soothing yet uplifting so it's perfect to pop on when you're getting ready for an evening out. Unless I win the lottery I won't be buying into the £40+ mark candle brands that people seem to love. However under £20 and a scent that really does linger after use is money well spent in my opinion. Tranquility and Real luxury will probably be falling into my next Cult Beauty haul I'm sure. These would also make the most perfect gift too! 

Georgina x.



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