Sunday, 23 February 2014

£1.49 Nourishing Natural Hair Oil

The longer my hair gets the more nourishment it needs and I've recently been looking for more natural and chemical free products to fit into my haircare routine. I picked up this almond oil from Superdrug for just £1.49 and my hair has loved it. For that tiny price you get a whopping 200ml of oil which will last me absolutely ages. Almond oil has a long list of benefits for skin and hair - Almond oil naturally works to help split ends and heavy hair fall, making hair look healthy with more shine, and is a good substitute for leave in conditioners. 

I've been using it for a little while and my hair has loved it. I haven't replaced my normal branded hair oils post wash through the ends of my hair as almond oil doesn't have a scent you'd really want to swish around with you all day. I have however been including it my hair conditioning treatments. I rub this through the lengths of my hair and massage it into the scalp - this stays on all day and then I wash it out before bed (a Sunday thing). I've really loved being able to be generous with an oil that doesn't cost the earth it also has been great for my scalp. My hair is so much less weighed down and shinier after using this. 

The only downside of this is the oversized bottle that spills everywhere but I've overcome this by decanting it into my Tresemme hair oil bottle with pump (favourite hair oil bottle of all the bottles). I've really loved introducing this into my hair care routine - you can really feel that it's just full of goodness. I'm trying out coconut oil as well as the scent means that can be used on damp washed hair too. There's lots of natural oils in the superdrug range so if you've tried any I'd love to hear your thoughts too. 


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