Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mini Models Own Haul & Hyper Gel

Utopia, Snowflakes - Wonderland, Catherine Wheel - Fireworks, Naked Glow Hypergel, Lilac Sheen Hypergel 

Models Own are my favourite nail brand - over half of my nail varnishes are by the brand so when they have a half price sale I can't resist making a little order. When they did this offer a while ago it took ages to arrive and most of the good shades were out of stock. They obviously learnt a lot from that attempt at high demand as this sale was the complete opposite. I went on the site the day after the sale started and pretty much all shades were in stock. It was a few days before payday so I only picked up 5 shades but I'm so happy with all of them. I repurchased utopia as I somehow lost my last bottle - it's my favourite polish ever I love the almost white lilac shade so I'm very happy to have this back in my life. 

Snowflake has small to very large speckles of glitter and pearlescent long pieces. It's gorgeous over utopia and other pastel shades. I also got catherine wheel from the fireworks range which is gorgeous it has red, gold and green glitter in it - I adore this glitter it's perfect to go over light and dark polish and I know it will be much used over bright corals this summer. 

Finally I picked up 2 shades from the new Models Own range - hypergel. I think all of the nail brands have a 'gel' range out at the moment. I've tried quite a few of them and the models own version has definitely impressed me the most. I picked the two lightest shades in the range and they are so opaque they could be used with just one coat easily. The swatches above are just one coat and that's probably their main selling point for me. I don't find these as overly shiny and gel like in sheen as much as perhaps the Barry M gelly formula but that's fine for me. It's a beautiful range and I'm sure I'll pick up some more brights as summer gets nearer. I love that there's a colour swatch on each lid too it makes finding them so much easier amongst all of the other white lids I own. 


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  1. I love the shades you picked! I really want to try some of the hypergel polishes.